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UL® Recognized Label Component Systems And Printing The UL® Mark

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UL® Recognized Label Component Systems And Printing The UL® Mark

A UL® label must meet UL® specifications and be produced under a recognized file to be considered a UL® recognized component on your product.

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The product was expected to arrive overnight. UPS delayed delivery till late that afternoon. Maverick Label is my #1 source for all my UL/CUL needs, and they provide a great product, and fast too. Thank you so much for the support Donene 
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Julie was extremely helpful getting us our labels thru the whole ul process
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Clearing the UL® Label Confusion

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® (UL® ) certification and recognition are often confusing and misinterpreted. These are the separate UL® areas:

• Materials (Recognized Label Component Systems) 
UL® tests and certifies label materials against specific safety standards for use on final products required to be UL® approved. See box regarding UL® recognized materials.

• Printing the UL® Mark (UL® bug)
The UL® mark (UL® bug) is a symbol of safety and cannot be used without UL® 's approval. Printed UL® marks that will be placed on a UL® approved product will need to be printed using a Recognized Label Component System.

Available Materials:
– 2 mil clear polyester
– 2 mil gloss white polyester
– 2 mil metalized matte silver polyester
– 2 mil metalized brushed silver polyester
– 2 mil metalized shiny silver polyester
– 1 mil clear polyester over-laminate
– 5 mil clear Lexan® over-laminate
– 10 mil clear GE Lexan®
– 2 mil 3M 467MP adhesive (for Lexan®)
– 5 mil 3M 468MP adhesive (for Lexan®)

Product VideoWatch Video UL recognized material, brushed silver label, with black ink with UL<strong>®</strong>

The UL® Label Dictionary:


    A generic term intended to include the UL® Listing Mark, Classification Mark, Recognized Component Mark and Recognized Markings. Authorized use of a UL® certification mark by a manufacturer is the manufacturer's declaration that the product was produced according to the UL® requirements in effect at the time of manufacture and subject to UL® 's Follow-Up Service.


    A service whereby UL® determines that a manufacturer has demonstrated the ability to produce a component for use in an end product that complies with UL®'s requirements. It takes into account the performance and constructional characteristics of such end product insofar as this can be determined and the areas that require additional consideration for application of the component to the product. UL® authorizes the manufacturer to use the UL® Recognized Marking on components that comply with UL® 's requirements and establishes a Follow-Up Service conducted by UL® as a check of the means the manufacturer exercises to determine compliance with UL® 's requirements.


    A part or subassembly covered under UL® 's Recognition Service and intended for factory installation in UL® certified products. Recognized Components are incomplete in certain construction features or restricted in performance capabilities and not intended for separate installation in the field, rather they are intended for use as components of incomplete equipment submitted for investigation by UL® . Final acceptance of the component in the complete equipment is dependent upon its installation and use in accordance with all applicable use conditions and ratings noted (1) in the component report issued by UL® , (2) in the Guide Information and (3) in the individual client's Recognized Component Information Page.


    The marking that a component manufacturer is authorized to apply to a component manufactured under UL® 's Recognition Service. It consists of the Recognized company identification/name and catalog number, model number or other designation. The UL® Recognized Component Mark may be used in conjunction with the Recognized Marking.


    A component used in a Listed (or other) product which is separately investigated for a product manufacturer as a component of the complete product using appropriate requirements applicable for Listing (or other) of the part, but for which no published recognition is requested.


    A product that has been produced under UL® 's Listing and Follow-Up Service program in accordance with the terms of UL® 's Service Agreement and that bears the UL® Listing Mark as the manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with UL® 's requirements.


    A portion of a product that is subject to separate test performance and/or construction requirements in addition to those applied to it during the complete product investigation. A component may be either Listed, Recognized, or described as an Unlisted Component.


The UL® mark 

The UL® mark (UL® bug) is a registered trademark and cannot be used without UL®'s approval. Contact your UL® representative with your final artwork to obtain a stamp of approval from UL®. You will provide us this stamped artwork file in addition to your digital artwork file when you order.

Printed UL® mark labels that will be placed on a UL® approved product will need to be printed using a Recognized Label Component System.

We offer UL® Type "R" Mark labels which are approved by UL®. For us to do so, you must have a UL® approved design with a stamp for verification.

We also offer Type "L" Mark labels which are approved by UL® when done in direct connection with UL®.

To learn more about UL® requirements for printing the mark, please visit Designing and Ordering UL Marks

Use of UL® Tested Materials 

What is the difference between "UL® Recognized Materials" and "UL® Recognized Component Systems"?

Many label suppliers offer what they call "UL® Tested Materials" or "UL® Recognized Materials", for example, they might offer a UL® recognized polyester base material. Note that this is just a recognition by UL® that the material has met certain criteria. It does not mean that if you use all UL® recognized materials that your final label (base material, adhesive, ink, over-laminate) will be a UL® Recognized Component System. To achieve that status, UL® must test all of the components, at the same time, as one final construction. Please refer to our "UL® Recognized Label Component Systems" info box for this. Be cautious about vendors that say they offer UL® Recognized Component Systems when all they offer is individual UL® Recognized Materials.

UL® requires you to use a recognized label component system.

We offer UL® recognized systems - tested by UL® under file #MH29620. A UL® recognized component is linked to the finished product. The label itself must be a recognized component because it is part of the finished UL® product. Certain combinations of UL® recognized materials and inks that we offer under file #MH29620 are UL® recognized label construction, referred to as a component. A UL® recognized label component is not a UL® recognized product. You MUST obtain UL® recognition for your specific product to use the UL® certified marks identifying your product as UL® product.

Why Maverick?

MaverickLabel.Com - The Informed UL® Choice!

Ordering UL® labels, components or items with the UL® mark can be a daunting task. We've helped hundreds of companies to find the right UL® solutions. Here's some essential information based on our experience and our customers' experiences with UL®.

UL® Examines, Tests and Reviews Specific Products.

Confusion begins when the materials used in a product are looked upon as products in themselves. As an example, what if you needed to design or order a new graphic overlay overlay for an electrical device that was to be made of the polycarbonate Lexan®. Is the graphic overlay certified because it is comprised almost entirely of the UL® certified material Lexan®? For clarification, please read on.

The UL® Certified Mark
Only those products with the UL® mark should be listed and covered by UL®'s Follow-up Service. Always look for the UL® mark on the product. 

UL® Recognition.
UL® investigates product equipment for the Listing/Classification. Their investigation includes an evaluation of suitability of components, relays, and switches, for use in the specific end product. The acceptability of the Component requires compatibility with the end-product application.

UL® label solutions for UL® recognized label component systems and printing the UL® mark. Quantity & turnaround times vary.

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