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Hologram Stickers Holographic Labels Reduce Tampering

Protect your products and increase their visibility with "SECURE GENUINE" hologram stickers. Difficult to copy, both types of holographic labels below offer a tamper-evident residue that shows when a label has been removed.

The first type has a hologram with the words SECURED and GENUINE in a repeating pattern; the residue pattern is of silver dots. These labels may be imprinted with a small amount of text or serial numbering (in black ink), or ordered without text for use as simple seals.

The second type has a choice of five different holographic patterns. These labels may be custom-printed with your artwork and text, with up to 3 colors. The first color is free.

Security labels and holographic stickers protect your inventory. Tamper-proof holographic seals can be custom printed, pre-printed, or blank. Our secure labels and hologram seals are easy to order and delivered fast! Get started on your order with our instant online pricing and
your tamper-evident stickers will be on their way to you. We have tamper-resistant and holographic stickers for every application, including these popular uses:
• Product Labels
• Software
• Packaging
• Security
• Caution/Warning
• ID Labels
• Pharmaceutical
• Warranty
• DVD Security Labels
• And many more.

Our pricing is competitive and our offering includes three types of holographic stickers: custom printed security labels, off-the-shelf security labels (no text) & stock-imprinted security labels.

Check out our security sticker printing features:
- Instant Online Pricing and Ordering
- Off-The-Shelf, Stock-Imprinted and Custom Printed Products
- Dozens of Standard Secure Label Shapes and Sizes
- Hologram and Tamper-Evident Materials
- 3 Day Turnaround for Custom Printed Hologram Stickers
- 24 Hour Turnaround for Off-The-Shelf Hologram Stickers
- Low Minimum Quantities

If you don't see the holographic security labels you're looking for, you can use the product Finder or our free Match My Label service or contact  CustomerCare.

Tamper Security Labels are tamper-evident security hologram stickers that leave a pattern when removed. Stock, imprinted and custom labels.

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