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Hologram Stickers Holographic Labels Reduce Tampering

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hologram Stock Hologram Labels

Stock Hologram Labels

Select a stock holographic sticker and add text or serial numbering - or just use alone as a seal - to protect your goods. Not only is the iridescent hologram impossible to miss, but when it's removed, a highly visible pattern of shiny silver dots is left behind.

These tamper-resistant holographic labels are shipped in rolls of 1000 in easy dispenser boxes.


Hologram Tamper Resistant Security Products

Off-The-Shelf Hologram Products Imprinted Holographic Labels

Imprinted Holographic Labels

Our holographic security labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You may add your logo or other artwork to these labels. You may select up to 3 colors.

The prismatic effect increases visibility and deters forgery or duplication.

Choose from five different holographic pattterns - three designs: cracked ice, mosiac, and hyper plaid, and two word patterns: GENUINE ORIGINAL and VOID IF REMOVED / SECURED.

 Holographic Security Labels

Security labels and holographic stickers protect your inventory. Tamper-proof holographic seals can be custom printed, pre-printed, or blank. Our secure labels and hologram seals are easy to order and delivered fast! Get started on your order with our instant online pricing and your tamper-evident stickers will be on their way to you. We have tamper-resistant and holographic stickers for every application, including these popular uses:
• Product Labels
• Software
• Packaging
• Security
• Caution/Warning
• ID Labels
• Pharmaceutical
• Warranty
• DVD Security Labels
• And many more.

Our pricing is competitive and our offering includes three types of holographic stickers: custom printed security labels, off-the-shelf security labels (no text) & stock-imprinted security labels.

Check out our security sticker printing features:
- Instant Online Pricing and Ordering
- Off-The-Shelf, Stock-Imprinted and Custom Printed Products
- Dozens of Standard Secure Label Shapes and Sizes
- Hologram and Tamper-Evident Materials
- 3 Day Turnaround for Custom Printed Hologram Stickers
- 24 Hour Turnaround for Off-The-Shelf Hologram Stickers
- Low Minimum Quantities

If you don't see the holographic security labels you're looking for, you can use the product Finder or our free Match My Label service or contact  CustomerCare.

Tamper Security Labels are tamper-evident security hologram stickers that leave a pattern when removed. Stock, imprinted and custom labels.