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Standard and most commonly used label material - originally intended for Electronic Data Processing. Common Applications: Mailing labels, shipping labels and carton labels.

  • Characteristics: Bright white uncoated paper. Excellent smudge resistance.
  • Adhesive: Permanent, Removable, or All-temperature
  • Weight: 50# face, 50# liner

Thermal Transfer
Thermal transfer label material used with ribbon based label printers. Common Applications: High density bar coded labels, shipping labels.

  • Characteristics: Bright white coated paper. Ultra smooth.
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Weight: 55# face, 40# liner

Direct Thermal
For printers that apply heat to specially coated labels. Does not work with a Dot Matrix Printer. Common Applications: Meat markets, hospitals.

  • Characteristics: Smooth bright white paper. High sensitivity thermal coating
  • Adhesive: All Temperature Permanent
  • Weight: 60# face, 40# liner

White Matte Litho
High quality dull coated paper features high tack and ultimate bond strength. The permanent adhesive adheres to a variety of substrates including low surface energy plastics, glass and corrugated cardboard

  • Characteristics: Dull white matte-coated paper
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Weight: 60# face, 40# liner

White High Gloss
High quality paper label material. Smooth, coated-one-side, super-calendered kraftstock. Often used for product ID applications. Not recommended as a writing surface

  • Characteristics: Bright white cast-coated paper.
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Weight: 60# face, 40# liner

White Semi Gloss
Super-calendered, white, lightweight coated facestock. Used when a high quality of print is critical. Applications could include product identification labels, advertising of specialty products, or special event or special occasion labels.

  • Color: White Semi Gloss
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Weight: 60# face, 40# liner

Matte fluorescent paper features high tack and ultimate bond strength. This stock can be imprinted using a dot matrix thermal printer.

  • Characteristics: Matte fluorescent paper in red, orange, pink, chartreuse and green.
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Weight: 60# face, 40# liner

Flexible Film
Water resistant, clear flexible material. Perfect for prime label applications, product identifiers, and specialty labels for special events.

  • Characteristics: White or matte-clear water-resistant polyolifyn.
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Weight: 60# face, 40# liner

Matte Litho Opaque
Non transparent, white, completely opaque material. Main application is to block out/cover up information

  • Characteristics: Non-transparent, matte litho stock
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Weight: 55# face, 40# liner


This will give your label a high gloss look and feel.
It will also offer scratch and water resistance.

Gives a shine to matte materials.

Select Color:

Choose up to 3 ink colors. You can combine standard colors with PMS colors.

Add PMS colors by typing the PMS number in the box.
NOTE: Light ink colors will not display well on clear material unless they have white ink behind them.

If you have questions about Colors, please contact CustomerCare

  • Black
    Reflex Blue
    Process Blue
    300 Blue
    321 Teal
    185 Red
    208 Burgundy
    211 Pink
    Pantone Purple
    Warm Red
  • 368 Light Green
    354 Green
    Pantone Yellow
    165 Orange
    430 Gray
    Pantone Violet
    477 Brown
    9160 Beige
    Cool Gray 2
  • PMS
  • PMS
  • PMS
  • PMS

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Application Method:

Hand Applied
Machine Applied

Unwind Direction:

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Additional unwind directions options are available, Please contact CustomerCare

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Please contact CustomerCare for special pricing for quantities over 100,000.

UberQuoter® U.S. Patent #7590566


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Proof Policy

How The Proof Process Works:

• Within 24-48 hours (not including Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays) of receipt of your artwork, you will receive an email with proof instructions.

• The email will include a link to your proof and instructions for approving or indicating changes to your proof online.

• If you make changes, a new proof will be prepared and you will be emailed once the revised proof has been posted.

• We will notify you of any charges due to artwork modifications before we start production.

• Once approved, your artwork is immediately sent to production.


• Artwork touching the edge of the design must extend at least 1/8” beyond the die-line in the art file for products allowing bleeds.

• We strongly urge you to provide a 300dpi or higher file in .pdf format. (low resolution artwork pulled from the web will not work)

• If You Are Not Providing a pdf file:

• We can work with the most recent Macintosh and Windows versions of:

- Adobe® Illustrator® saved as .ai, .eps, or .pdf
- Adobe® Photoshop® saved with layers as .tiff, .eps, or .psd
- QuarkXPress ™ collect for output
- Adobe® InDesign® and Adobe® CS® package files

• All text in your artwork should be submitted with fonts outlined (converted to curves or paths). Note: be sure artwork is correct.

• Editing of text will not be available with outlined fonts. If artwork is submitted with fonts, all screen and printer fonts need to be included when file is uploaded.

• If an IBM font is used in your electronic file, the printer and screen font must be supplied.

• Providing fonts will ensure we can make any changes to your text if necessary.

• All photographic image files should be in CMYK format.

• Keep design in one program - i.e. do not place image in Illustrator®, then place the Illustrator® file in QuarkXpress™.


If you waive a proof by selecting “No Proof” your order will be released to production immediately.

No changes or alterations to your order will be possible. Any changes to or cancellation of a “No Proof” order will be charged for the full price of job. We are not responsible for artwork related errors or color variations in the finished product if you select “No Proof”.

Additional Charges:

If additional charges apply, you will be notified within 24 Hours. The most common charges are:

• Customer changes made to proofs. $15.00 minimum charge.
• A “No Proof” job that is canceled or changed in any way will result in the full cost of job being charged.
Please contact CustomerCare if you need additional information.

Print Proof Policy


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Number of Versions/Designs/Lots

You can create multiple versions of the same label, each with different text and/or images, as long as each version is the same size and uses the same set of options (material, colors, coating, etc.) Placing one order with multiple versions, or "lots", will save costs over placing a separate order for each version.

The minimum quantity for each version is 100, but you can order different quantities of each version.

To do so, enter the number of versions in this field, and the total number of labels for the order in the "Select Quantity" field.

If you have questions about ordering versions, please contact CustomerCare

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